Ti-ann (cangzi) wrote,

#020: Habits

I once read somewhere that forming a habit takes about 3 weeks, the verification of which took the better part of the evening as I was sucked into book exerpts on habits, brain chemistry, psycopaths and other matters of neural/psychological behvaior. Reminded me of the first book I borrowed from Powell prior to the start of school in my freshmen year as 'light reading', which was incidentally on psychology too. People with their quirks and their behviors is more interesting than any drama.

With 2 weeks left of the winter break, I am determined to establish (or re-establish) some positive habits with a combination of self-improvement and self-experimentation. Regular exercise is definitely high on the list, especially with the start of regular frisbee season in winter, regarding which I am both excited and apprehensive. Another is to attempt to update this journal daily, without considering the significance or length of the entries, at least for the next 21 days. Hopefully by then I will get into the habit of writing regularly.

Well happy Christmas 2012

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