The big day

Hey hey, thanks for sending me off! Love ya lots. Will be back sooner than you know it!

Edit: Safely landed at 5.35. It's bloody cold here! 10 degree outside, better than aircon! At least there wasn't much of a wind to speak of else something would have been frozen off by now. (Is only wearing a jacket over a short sleeve shirt, my dad calls me a nut) The flight was bumpy, as YL had predicted. It reminds me of the ferry ride on the way to tekong.

My dad and his friend came to pick me up, and we had a good laugh as I ran to the left front door, only to run all the way back to the right side after realising that is the driver's side.

Ah, it's good to be back.


Flying back to Taiwan today!

Anyone wants anything from there? :D
Will try and find internet access there somehow and check this page so can leave your 'orders' here XD

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CNY celebrations - Photo Dump

The central plaza in the early morning

The great big latern that's hanging above imagine if it falls on people

Brilliant weather

My junior class, 08S6K, with their wonderful class bench decor 
(which actually won the decor competition!) Yi Sheng's giving 
me the weird face again.

The street market commences and I was walking around 
with [info]draxander.

Lumpy Muah Chee... o_O

Muah Chee MURDER preparation

Lao Yu Sheng. Messy like hell. Didn't eat much of it... well there wasn't 
much left in the plate after we were done mixing it anyway. Most ended 
up on the table, floor, hands of people etc etc.




I love fruits

 Was online in morning, and aprilwinds poked me with a quiz!


You Are an Apple

You are strong, powerful, and even a bit stubborn at times. You have enough strength to help those around you in trouble. You are adventurous and charming. 

Many people are drawn to you. You love life, and you enjoy traveling the world. You enjoy fine food, art, and culture. People have accused you of being a snob, but that's not accurate. You do enjoy the best things in life. Unlike snobs, you truly appreciate quality... not just pretend to.

Go give it a try!
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Crossing the road today, somehow the atmosphere, the ambiance reminds me of Taiwan. Haven't gone back in a while. And probably won't be anytime soon. Miss it sometimes.

Inelastic collsion, loss of energy/motivation

When an entry gets eaten, sometimes one just lose the momentum to re-write. Maybe I should just learn and write in the notepad first or Ctrl-copy frequently. Let's leave the thoughts and feelings to simmer a little more in the pressure cooker that's my head, and hope it doesn't explode before the next wave of motivation strikes.

So lighter stuff this time round...

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Happy thing = Sabbats tmr. Have fun at horse riding people! Those with long legs (like

parson1988), be careful not to let your legs drag on the floor!


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(no subject)

Watched BestofYoutube on Box's Ipod. Some are lame, others are sick, and some are downright imba, like the bakestball one. Went home with Joseph after box and Hp left for Physics o.

(no subject)

Ahh... so much Harry Potter spoilers in the morning at class bench. Wth, younger wand! And to think I believed it... stupid box *shake fist* Doesn't matter, shall finish reading tomorrow!

17 sounds a great deal older than 16

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We had our egg challenge trial run during chem lab. Sadly we had no exploding eggs but cooking eggs are still way more exciting than normal lab (which we still had to do afterwards)

Thanks for those who wrote in the card,  especially draxander  for the 'flower' XD And... I am STILL trying to figure out who 路人甲 is -.-


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The animation and special effects are good. Looks at the long long long list of animators at the end of the film... =O Though it's hard to tell some of the Decepticons apart, especially during combat. Happened to see that is was rated "PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence" *lmao* sci-fi violence. Reminds me of during the show, when Frenzy's (the smallest Decepticon, the nutty radio) head got whacked off, the comment "omg, robot violence'. Yeah, Frenzy keeps losing his head.

Megatron is voiced by Agent Smith? We only realised that right at the end. Well, he didn't talk a lot and the robotic tone makes it hard to recognize his voice. And one of the soldiers looked like someone from Jackass. (But in the end wasn't. Good thing)

I wish they had more focus on the robots themselves rather than the always present couple thing in every movie -___- Not interested. Seen too much of that. We hardly even got to know the Autobots (forget about the Decepticons, I can't even tell them apart) Which was the one that died at the end? *shrugs* No idea. Was it Autobot's weapons expert?

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